Remote Backup Solutions

Whether its critical work documents or irreplaceable family photos, most people understand the importance of backing up our valuable data.

Its not a case of IF you will lose data, it’s WHEN.

Why Backup Remotely?

Backing up to external storage media is fine for most cases, but have you ever considered what would happen in the event of a fire, flood, theft or other disaster?

The unfortunate truth is your backups will likely be lost along with your machine.


Solution? Our Umbrella!

Provided you have an internet connection, our backup solution allows you to store all of your data safely, and of course securely in our data centre.

In case of a failure at your premises you can simply download all of your data that’s kept well out of harm’s way!

Backup Now Before You Wish You Had!


Send all of your important files up to our data centre.


Recover all of your files in the event of a disaster.


Enjoy the peace of mind knowing all of your data is safe and secure!

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